Recent Studies

12/06/2017 Gospel of John Living Water to the World (John 4:1-42)  
06/15/2017 The Scriptures Speak of Christ Ezra: Faithfulness in Worship and Obedience  
03/30/2017 Gospel of John Christ, Our Joy and Salvation (John 3:22-36) 
01/12/2017 The Scriptures Speak of Christ1-2 Chronicles: Temple, Kingship, and Covenant 
12/15/2016 Gospel of John Gospel Clarity and Power! (John 3:14-21)  
12/01/2016 Gospel of John You Must be Born Again! (John 3:1-13)  
10/20/2016 Gospel of John Religion Gone Wrong (John 2:13-25)  
07/07/2016 The Scriptures Speak of Christ 1-2 Kings: From Glory to Captivity  
06/09/2016 Gospel of John An Amazing Foretaste (John 2:1-12)  
05/05/2016 Gospel of John Bring on the Witnesses! (John 1:19-51)  
02/25/2016 Gospel of John Christ, God with Us (John 1:1-18)  
10/22/2015 The Scriptures Speak of Christ 1-2 Samuel: From Nation to Kingdom 
10/08/2015 Gospel of John Gospel of John Intro 
09/24/2015  A Vision for the Kingdom  
09/03/2015  Lessons from the Fiery Furnace (Daniel 3:1-30)  
08/27/2015  Resting in the Arms of the Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)  
07/23/2015  Perception and Reality (Luke 18:9-14) Listen 
06/11/2015 The Scriptures Speak of Christ Ruth: A Story of Hope and Redemption  
05/07/2015  God's Man and You (1 Timothy 4:12-16)  
03/19/2015 The Scriptures Speak of Christ Judges: Spiraling Need for the Savior-King  
02/12/2015 More than Words: The Significance of Scripture The Power of the Word 
01/22/2015 More than Words: The Significance of Scripture The Character of the Word  
01/15/2015 More than Words: The Significance of Scripture The Revealing Word  
01/08/2015 More than Words: The Significance of Scripture The Undeniable Word  
12/18/2014  The Aloneness of Christ  
10/23/2014 The Scriptures Speak of Christ Joshua: Entering the Promised Land   
08/27/2014 Personal Growth in Godliness Faith in the Promises of God  
08/20/2014  Unity in the Body (Ephesians 2:11-22)  
08/13/2014 God's Character in the Pentateuch God's Grace in the Pentateuch: The Death of Moses (Deuteronomy 34:1-12)  
06/25/2014 The Scriptures Speak of Christ Deuteronomy: Recounting God's Faithfulness 
06/11/2014  Called to Humility (1 Peter 5:1-7)  
05/21/2014 God's Character in the Pentateuch God's Wrath in the Pentateuch: The Fiery Serpents (Numbers 21:4-9) 
04/30/2014 The Scriptures Speak of ChristNumbers: Journey to the Promised Land  
04/23/2014 Resurrection Resurrection Assurance (1 Corinthians 15)  
04/09/2014 God's Character in the Pentateuch God's Holiness in the Pentateuch: The Strange Fire of Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10:1-11) 
03/26/2014 The Scriptures Speak of ChristLeviticus: Worship and Holiness  
03/12/2014 God's Character in the Pentateuch God's Faithfulness in the Pentateuch: The Song of Moses (Exodus 15:1-18)  
02/26/2014 The Scriptures Speak of ChristExodus: Redemption and Consecration of Israel  
02/19/2014 God's Character in the Pentateuch God's Sovereignty in the Pentateuch: The Life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50)  
01/29/2014 The Scriptures Speak of Christ Genesis: The Book of Beginnings  
01/08/2014 The Scriptures Speak of ChristOverview of the Bible  
01/02/2014  Providential Living (Proverbs 16:1-9, 33)  
12/19/2013 Ephesians A Praying Church (6:18-24)  
11/21/2013 Ephesians The Armor of God (6:10-17)  
11/14/2013 Ephesians God-Honoring Relationships - Employers (6:9)  
10/31/2013 Ephesians God-Honoring Relationships - Employees (6:5-8)  
10/24/2013 Ephesians God-Honoring Relationships - Parents (6:4)  
10/17/2013 Ephesians God-Honoring Relationships - Children (6:1-3)  
10/10/2013 Ephesians Graphical Outline of Ephesians 5:15-6:9

God-Honoring Relationships - Husbands (5:22-33)
10/03/2013 Ephesians God-Honoring Relationships - Wives (5:22-33) 
09/05/2013  God's Will and Worship  
08/22/2013  Knowing and Doing God's Will  
08/15/2013 Ephesians Understand the Will of the Lord (5:17-21) 
08/01/2013  Biblical Language for Hell  
05/30/2013  The Afterlife 
05/16/2013 Ephesians Walking in Wisdom (5:15-16) 
04/04/2013 Ephesians Walking in Light (5:7-14)  


Walking in Love (5:1-6)  
03/07/2013 Ephesians Principles of the New Life (4:17-32)  
02/28/2013 Ephesians Building the Body of Christ (4:11-16)  
02/21/2013 EphesiansChrist's Gifts to His Church (4:7-11)  
01/31/2013Ephesians The Worthy Walk (4:1-6)  
12/27/2012  Christmas Devotion: The Greatness of Christ  
12/06/2012 Ephesians Power for the Church (3:14-21)  
11/15/2012 EphesiansGod's Work through Paul and You (3:1-13)  
11/08/2012 Ephesians A Beautiful Transformation (2:11-22)  
10/18/2012Ephesians Amazing Grace Part 2 (2:4-10)  
09/27/2012Ephesians Amazing Grace Part 1 (2:1-3)  
09/13/2012 Ephesians Petitions that Please the Father (1:17-23)  
08/30/2012EphesiansPraises that Please the Father (1:15-16)  
08/02/2012Ephesians The Riches of His Grace (Ephesians 1:5-14)  


Ephesians The Riches of His Grace (Ephesians 1:3-5)  


EphesiansThe Riches of His Grace (Ephesians 1:1-2) 


Romans 4 The Pathway to Righteousness  Listen
05/31/2012  The Power of Truth  
05/10/2012The Book of Job Lessons Learned  

Ezekiel 2:8 – 3:11

Your Call and Commission


04/19/2012 The Book of Job Sovereignty Confirmed, yet Concealed
04/05/2012 The Book of Job God's Plan is Comprehensive & Eternal
03/29/2012 Ezekiel 11:13 Where the Rubber Hits the Road


03/15/2012 The Book of Job God's Plan is Unconditional & Certain
03/01/2012 The Book of Job First Round of Dialogue
02/16/2012 The Book of Job Sovereignty in Action
01/26/2012 The Book of Job Principles of Sovereignty at Work in Job
01/19/2012 The Book of Job Sovereignty Behind the Scenes
01/12/2012 The Book of Job Sovereignty, Suffering, And Sympathy
11/23/2011 Humility and Gratitude
11/09/2011 1 Peter 2:24 Christ's Work and Ours
11/02/2011 Genesis 8:20 - 9:17 God's Covenant with Noah and Us
10/12/2011 Genesis 3:8-21 Seeing God's Promises through Your Pain
10/05/2011 Philosophy of Ministry Checklist
09/28/2011 Philosophy of Ministry Fellowship
09/07/2011 Philosophy of Ministry The Hands and Feet of Ministry - Evangelism
08/24/2011 Philosophy of Ministry The Hands and Feet of Ministry - Discipleship
08/17/2011 Philosophy of Ministry The Hands and Feet of Ministry - Worship
08/10/2011 Philosophy of Ministry The Hands and Feet of Ministry - Introduction
08/03/2011 Philosophy of Ministry The Heart of Ministry (cont.)
07/13/2011 Philosophy of Ministry The Heart of Ministry
06/29/2011 Philosophy of MinistryThe Backbone of Ministry
06/22/2011 Philosophy of MinistryThe Ministers
06/08/2011 Five Reasons to thank God for His Grace Thank Him for Fatherly Grace
05/18/2011 Five Reasons to thank God for His Grace Thank Him for His Sanctiying Grace
05/10/2011 Five Reasons to thank God for His GraceThank Him for His Saving Grace
05/03/2011 Romans 6:22-23A life that reflects the Lord


04/26/2011 Five Reasons to thank God for His GraceThank Him for His Common Grace
04/19/2011 Five Reasons to thank God for His Grace Thank Him that He is a God of Grace
04/12/2011 Holiness of God
10/13/2010 Psalm 63 Worship from the Inside Out


03/24/2010 Love - The Great Commandment
12/23/2009 What is the true meaning of Christmas?
12/09/2009 Plan & Providence of God
08/26/2009 Identification and Union with Christ
08/05/2009 Return of Jesus

Mark 10:17-34

The Rich Young Ruler
07/15/2009 Colossians 1:28 A Picture of True Discipleship


06/24/2009 The Person & Work of Satan
06/10/2009 The Evidence of Salvation
06/03/2009Perseverance of Saints
04/22/2009 The person & work of the Holy Spirit
03/18/2009 Grace and the Call to Salvation
03/13/2009 Ephesians Chapter 4
02/11/2009 The Person and Work of Christ
01/28/2009 Ephesians Chapter 3
01/07/2009 Ephesians Chapter 2
12/10/2008 Divine Election & Human Responsibility
11/19/2008 Ephesians Chapter 1 & Introduction
11/12/2008 Creation and the Fall of Man
10/29/2008 The Christian and Politics
10/08/2008 Saving Faith
10/01/2008 Matthew 16:24-28 True Discipleship
09/10/2008 Bible Basics Minor Prophets
09/03/2008 Prayer & Devotion Spurgeon Devotion
08/27/2008 James 1:17-27 Doers of the Word
08/20/2008 Matthew 16:20-28Revelation and Responsibility
08/13/2008 Joshua Study on Joshua

Significance of Fasting

Study Outline


07/16/2008The Significance of Scripture Our Response - Consume the Pages of God's Word
07/09/2008John 15 The Vine and the Branches
06/25/2008ActsFive Necessary Components for an Indestructible Ministry



06/18/2008Interpreting the BibleHistorical Context

The Significance of Scripture

The Promises of the Word
05/28/2008Bible Basics Major Prophets
05/14/2008 Interpreting the Bible
05/07/2008 The Power of the Word
04/23/2008 Bible Basics Wisdom
04/16/2008 How to Effectively Study the Word - Part 3
04/09/2008 The character of the WordListen
03/26/2008 Bible BasicsOld Testament History
03/19/2008 How to Effectively Study the Bible - Part 2
03/12/2008 More than WordsThe Significance of Scripture - Part 2Listen
02/27/2008 Bible BasicsThe Torah
02/20/2008 How to Effectively Study the Bible - Part 1Listen
02/13/2008 More than WordsThe Significance of Scripture - Part 1Listen
01/30/2008 The Basic Structure of the Bible
01/23/2008 Matthew 16:13-20The Church Unveiled
01/16/2008 Matthew 16:1-12Clueless & Even More Clueless
01/02/2008 Nehemiah 9-9Revival & the Book
12/19/2007 Matthew 1:21 A Timeless Mission
12/05/2007 Matthew 15:21-39 Lessons in Faith
11/28/2007 Daniel 9 Daniel's Prayer and the Seventy Weeks
11/14/2007 Matthew 15:10-20 The Heart of the Matter
11/07/2007 Matthew 15:1-20 Turning Religion Inside Out
10/24/2007 Matthew 14:13-36 Tests of Faith
10/17/2007 Daniel 7 The Ancient of Days
10/10/2007 Matthew 14:1-12 Character Study: John vs. Herod
09/19/2007 Matthew 13:44-58 F.A.I.T.H.
09/12/2007 Daniel 6 Daniel in the Lion's Den
09/05/2007 Matthew 13:24-43 The Growth of the Kingdom
08/22/2007 Matthew 13:1-23 The Parable of the Sower
08/15/2007 The Power of Truth Absolute Truth versus Relativism Listen
08/08/2007 Daniel 5 The Writing on the Wall
08/01/2007 Understanding Jesus and His TeachingAn Overview of Parables Listen
07/18/2007 Matthew 12:33-50 An Evil Generation
07/11/2007 Daniel 4 Pride Goeth Before a Fall
06/27/2007 Matthew 12:15-32 The One and Only
06/13/2007Matthew 12:1-14 Lord of the Sabbath
06/06/2007 Matthew 11:16-30From Rejection to Rest
05/23/2007 Daniel 3Bow or Burn
05/09/2007 Matthew 11:1-15 Are you the coming one?
05/02/2007 Daniel 2An Awesome Predicament
04/25/2007Matthew Eternal RewardsListen
04/18/2007 Prayer Prayer Request
04/11/2007 Matthew The Dividing GospelListen
04/04/2007 DanielDaniel Introduction
03/28/2007 Matthew Five Fear-busters
03/21/2007 Christian LivingPersonal Witnessing
03/14/2007 MatthewPersecution Faced by Christians
03/07/2007 Open TopicAmazing Grace
02/28/2007 Matthew The Commissioning of the Twelve
02/21/2007 PrayerPrayer Request
02/14/2007 MatthewJesus' Ministry and Miracles
02/07/2007 Answers

Marks of a Healthy Church

Case Study


01/31/2007 Matthew The Making of a Disciple
01/24/2007 Christian LivingThe Christian at Work
01/17/2007 MatthewExtreme Makeover
01/10/2007 Open TopicEternal Resolutions
01/03/2007 Matthew 8:23-34 Jesus' Miracles

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