The Covenant of Grace and Infant Baptism
Six-Part Teaching Series


For the first twelve years after conversion, I held to “believers only baptism.” That is, I believed that proper and valid baptism required a credible profession of faith in the gospel. For this reason, I was re-baptized after conversion at the age of 23 (I was originally baptized as an infant). During these twelve years, I was a convinced, ardent Baptist, and I found the Presbyterian position on infant baptism to be confusing at best.

Understanding hermeneutics (i.e., the rules for properly interpreting Scripture), embracing Covenant Theology, and seeing the organic unity of the Scriptures led me to embrace the beauty and Biblical fidelity of covenantal infant baptism. After over a decade, I realized that my entire approach to the Scriptures with regard to baptism was wrong. It occurred to me that a complete doctrinal understanding of baptism cannot be properly formulated by simply compiling all of the verses containing a form of the word “baptism.”

The teaching series below represents what I have learned about how to approach the question of whether it is biblical to baptize the infant children of believers. My prayer is that it will provide clarity for those who do not yet see the biblical faithfulness and beauty of covenantal infant baptism, encourage those who do, and be a blessing to all. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

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